How to: Manual 3D Secure Handling

In this article, we will explain how we handle 3D Secure at GaneshBot. With this new feature, you can basically use any card when running tasks.

There is now 2 different ways to run cards with 3D Secure:

  • You're using cards from services such as Revolut, Bunq, Monzo, iCard, Curve or DiPocket: nothing changes. GaneshBot will dynamically handle the 3D Secure challenge. However, if, for some reason, it fails, it will now fallback to the second way, described below.
  • You're using unsupported cards such as some from your bank: these cards will now be supported, but you will have to manually complete the 3D Secure challenge. Here is how!

In order to manually complete the 3D Secure challenge, whether you are running the CLI or GUI version, follow these steps:

  1. Follow this article and install the GaneshBot Chrome Extension. It is mandatory.
  2. When running your tasks with unsupported cards, GaneshBot will send attempt to complete the 3D Secure challenge, like this:


  3. As it couldn't complete it, GaneshBot sent you a webhook.


  4. Click the "Complete your Card 3DS!" link, on top of the webhook (again, make sure to have GaneshBot Chrome Extension installed).
  5. GaneshBot will open a chrome window, prompting you with the challenge you have to complete. For the sake of this article, we are using a card from HSBC UK. Here is the 3D Secure challenge we had to complete:


  6. In this example, it was a regular 3D Secure challenge: receiving a code on my phone and then inputting it. After completing the steps, GaneshBot will use the session to finish the checkout:



This feature works on ALL modules.


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