CLI: How to use CapMonster

CapMonster is used to get your captchas completed. To start using it with GaneshBot CLI,  you will need to grab your API key from the CapMonster dashboard.


Click the Copy button next to your API key, and head over to the GaneshBot CLI.


Input the number corresponding to "Configure Settings", which is 61 in my case. It will display your settings.


Here you can quickly see your current CapMonster Key (None in my case). To update your CapMonster API key, input the corresponding number to "Update CapMonster Key", which is 11 here.


Paste your key to input it (or leave blank if you want to remove your current key) and press Enter. You should now see a successful "Updated CapMonster Key!" message.

GaneshBot CLI will now use your CapMonster key to solve captchas when running for sites that use captcha (Offspring for example).

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