GUI: Creating a Task

To create a task, click the big red "Create" button, located on the bottom left of the Tasks tab.


Once clicked, it will open a new pop-up, allowing you to create a new task.


This is where you can input the information needed to create a task

  • Pick a store
    • Depending on the store, you may also need to pick a Mode and a Region. For more information about this, check our Store-specific guides.
  • Enter the SKU or the product URL, depending on which site it is
  • Choose a/some size(s) or click on "Any Size" for random size
  • Select your profile(s) and your proxy list(s)
  • Finally, just input the number of tasks you want to create. This number is PER selected profile

You're ready to go! Hit the Create button bottom right and your tasks will be created.

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