GUI: Creating a Profile

To create a profile, click the big red "Add Profile" button, located on the bottom right of the Profiles tab.


Once clicked, it will open a new pop-up, allowing you to create a new profile.


This is where you input your different information about your new profile.

Most of the fields are self-explanatory. However, feel free to open a ticket if you have a question regarding the creation of a profile.

You can optionally have a different shipping and billing address by simply checking or not the "Billing Same as Shipping" button in the bottom left.

You can also add the profile to a profile group, in the bottom right. To learn more about profile groups, please check this article.

The RANDOM feature

GaneshBot provides a RANDOM feature which can be used on:

  • First & Last name
  • Phone number
  • Email

To use it, you can simply check the "Random" case near the First Name, the Last Name, and the Phone Number. If you wish to use it on the Email field, just input and it will do the job.

More RANDOM features

You can j1g your address by adding XXX in the "Address Line 1" field, which will generate 3 random characters. For example, "XXX 123 Ganesh Street" could generate something like "FPZ 123 Ganesh Street".

You can also use the RANDOM feature in "Address Line 2" to generate a random Apartment, Door, ...

Payment Info


You can choose to either enter your card information for Auto Checkout tasks or select "Manual Checkout" if you wish to have manual checkout links sent to your webhook.

Importing your profiles

To import your profiles in the GUI, please check out our dedicated article.


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