GUI: Adding Proxies & Testing Proxies

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Adding Proxies


First, choose the proxy group which you want to add your proxies to.

Click on the "Add Proxies" button in the bottom right, and a pop-up will open.


Paste your proxies, drag, and drop a .txt file or import! Once inputted, save by clicking on the "Add Proxies" button again.

The proxies have now been added to the proxy group and are now ready to be used in your tasks!


Testing Proxies


After importing proxies, every proxy can be tested or deleted via the “Actions” tab or on the bottom with the built-in proxy tester.

The “Speed” column gives the proxy speed information and whether one is banned or not.

You can also test the whole list by selecting a test site in the drop down menu located on the bottom of the window. You can then hit "Test All" to test them. To stop testing, delete bad proxies, or delete all proxies in a group, click on one of the buttons.



You can use keyboard shortcuts to handle your proxies faster.

  • CTRL + Left click to select multiple proxies
  • SHIFT + Left click to select multiple proxies through range
  • CTRL + A to select all proxies
  • Enter to test all selected proxies
  • Delete to delete all selected proxies



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