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In this article, we will go over the Profiles tab of the GaneshBot GUI version. Let's get started!

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Profiles Tab


To access this tab, click on the Profiles button in the top menu. By default, you will be on the "All Profiles" group. This where you can see all your profiles, and for each of them, a bunch of different information such as their name or their payment method for example. Each profile can be edited, duplicated, or deleted by using respectively the three buttons located in the "Actions" column.

You can toggle "Quick Task" if you want a specific profile to be used for your quick tasks.

You can toggle "One Checkout" if you want a specific profile to be stopped when running multiple tasks with it and one of them successfully checks out.


Creating a profile group

Click the “Create Group” button on the bottom left-hand corner of the GUI.


You now have a group ready to be filled with profiles.

To change the name of your new profile group, click on the pencil icon next to the group name on the top of your GaneshBot window, and input your new name.



Creating a profile

To create a profile, please check the following dedicated article, explaining how.


Adding a profile to a group

To add a profile to a group, you can either do so when creating the profile itself, or you can also select a profile when being on the "All Profiles" group, select a Profile Group in the bottom left dropdown, and hit "Add to Group".


A profile can be added to different profile groups.


Swapping a profile from a group A to a group B

When being on the profile group A, select a profile, select the Profile Group B in the bottom left dropdown, and hit "Swap to Group".



Deleting a profile

If selecting a particular profile group, deleting a profile will remove it from the said group, but it will not be removed from any other profile group or from your list of profiles. To completely delete a profile, select the "All Profiles" group, and then delete the profile from here. It will then delete the profile and remove it from every groups it was in.


Utility bar

In the bottom center, you can find the utility bar, containing a few more information and actions.


From left to right:

  • Profile Counter
    • Simply displays the total number of profiles (or the number of selected profiles) in the profile group you have selected.
  • Profile Mass Delete
    • Use the trash button to delete ALL profiles (or all selected profiles) of the profile group you have selected.
  • Profile Searching
    • You can search profiles based on any field used to create a profile (First name, phone number, email, etc...). The search only applies to profiles in the profile group you have selected.



You can use keyboard shortcuts to handle your profiles faster.

  • CTRL + Left click to select multiple profiles
  • SHIFT + Left click to select multiple profiles through range
  • CTRL + A to select all profiles
  • CTRL + D to duplicate all selected profiles
  • Delete to delete all selected profiles


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