CLI: Proxies

In this article, we will go over the Proxies bit of the GaneshBot CLI version. Let's get started!

First Launch

When running the CLI version of GaneshBot, the bot requires a .txt file with your proxies to read them and to successfully run for a specific release.

During the first launch, GaneshBot will automatically create an empty “proxies.txt” file. If this file is your only .txt file, then your tasks will auto-assign to this file.


The "proxies.txt" file is found in the “GaneshBot” folder on your desktop. Proxies can be edited within the file or duplicated to use multiple proxy lists. 

Adding different lists of proxies

All proxy files must be placed within the “GaneshBot” folder in order for the bot to detect the files at launch.


Your proxies must be placed line by line, like this:


If you do have multiple proxy lists, GaneshBot will ask you which one you would like to use before launching your tasks, such as:


As you can see, you're allowed to either run ALL proxies or only of the two proxy files.

If you're having trouble with what proxy providers to use with GaneshBot, we recommend checking out #successful-setups in the GaneshBot discord.

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