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In this article, we will go over the Analytics tab of the GaneshBot GUI version. Let's get started!

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Analytics Tab


Here is how the Analytics tab looks.


Top products, top stores, and amount spent

These are pretty straightforward.

  • Top Products
    • Shows you top items you cooked the most. You can navigate through them with the little arrow icons
  • Top Stores
    • Shows you top stores you cooked on the most. You can navigate through them with the little arrow icons
  • Amount Spent
    • Shows you the total amount spent on each currency you've used. So for example, any item cooked on US Footsites will show in the USD amount you've spent, but any item cooked on Zalando DE will show in the EUR amount you've spent. Navigate through your amounts spent with the little arrow icons.



Checkout Events Graph and Checkouts

This is where you can get more details about your analytics.


The graph shown under Checkout Events is based on your Checkouts, shown on the right. As an example, you can switch to 7 Days checkouts, and the graph will adapt. The numbers shown under Checkouts will also change, to reflect your last 7 days.

Here is an example of how the page would look after searching for "Yeezy" in the search bar.


As you can see, everything was adapted based on your data. Make sure to play around more with your analytics!


Checkout Details

For each checkout in your list of checkouts, you can get more information about it by just clicking on it.



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