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In this article, we will go over the Settings tab of the GaneshBot GUI version. Let's get started!

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Settings Tab



Webhook URL

Webhooks are where your success/decline notifications get sent to.


Captcha Keys


Backing up your GUI & Restoring your backup


To back up your GUI setup, click on the GUI Backup button. It will create a .json file with all your settings, tasks, profiles, and proxies which can be used for switching servers and other uses. When successfully done, GaneshBot will display a notification specifying where the backup was saved (hint: in your GaneshBot desktop folder).


To restore a backup, simply click on the Restore Backup button and select your backup file. After successfully importing it, GaneshBot will display a notification.



Importing & exporting tasks


Press these buttons to either import your tasks from CLI (CSV Tasks) to GUI or to export your tasks from GUI to CLI.

  • When importing, select the .CSV task file you want to import, and GaneshBot will add the profiles and the tasks into the GUI.
  • When exporting, GaneshBot will export all your current tasks and their matching profiles to your GaneshBot desktop folder. You will then be able to use them with the CLI version of GaneshBot.



All delays are in milliseconds. The minimum delay is 500ms (0.5 seconds)

  • Retry delay is how long the bot will wait to retry if there's an error of some sort
  • Monitor delay is how long the bot will wait to refresh

To change them, simply click on the - and + buttons, or enter your own value in ms.

GaneshBot Version


Shows your current version. Use the "Check for update" button to make sure you are on the latest version of the bot without restarting your bot. If an update is found, it will close your bot and download the update whereas if no update is found, then you will get a notification in the bottom right of your bot saying you are on the latest version.



Available in our Discord server, you will also be able to check GaneshBot changelogs directly in the Settings tab, on the right.



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