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In this article, we'll go over the Tasks tab of GaneshBot GUI. To get started, click on the Tasks icon on top of the GUI window.

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Tasks Tab


This is where you can see all your tasks. As you can see with the "Actions" field, every task can be individually launched, edited, duplicated or deleted.

The "Status" field gives you information about each task and their current state.


Creating a task

To create a task, check our dedicated article.


Utility bar

In the bottom center, you can find the utility bar, containing a few more information and actions.


From left to right:

  • Task Analytics
    • These icons give you information about the total number of tasks you are running, the number of tasks which carted, the number of successful checkouts and the number of failed checkouts. You can click these icons to filter the tasks. If you click on the carted icon, it will filter with all the tasks which carted.
  • Task Counter
    • Simply displays the total number of tasks
  • Task Mass Actions
    • Use these buttons to launcheditstop, or delete ALL tasks
  • Task Searching
    • You can search based on any of the fields you see in the task table, so based on the store, the size or the status for example and it will filter the results



You can use keyboard shortcuts to handle your tasks faster.

  • CTRL + Left click to select multiple tasks
  • SHIFT + Left click to select multiple tasks through range
  • CTRL + A to select all tasks
  • CTRL + D to duplicate all selected tasks
  • Enter to toggle (start or stop) all selected tasks
  • Delete to delete all selected tasks


Task Groups

In the bottom right of the GUI, you will find two small logos, which respectively represent a list and 4 small squares (being groups). If you want to use Task Groups, click on this logo. It will change the Tasks tab to this:


Tasks are grouped by their store. You can quickly check your number of tasks for each store, it's the number indicated at the top left of the group/store logo. You can also check each group's analytics.

When using task groups, the utility bar and shortcuts explained above will have an impact only on the group you're currently focusing on. So for example, in the screenshot above, if you were to search through your tasks, it would only search on Champs Sports tasks as this is the group you're focused on.


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