How do I reset my key?

Whilst renting of GaneshBot is prohibited, you are allowed to move GaneshBot from one server or machine to another based on your personal requirements. The key can only be active on one machine at the time, and will require resetting before it can be activated somewhere else.

To reset your key, follow the steps below:

  • Head to Ganesh Dashboard and login with the Discord account your key is bound to.
  • Once on the dashboard, click the Reset Machine button to reset your key.


  • You will shortly be logged out of your GaneshBot GUI & CLI instances - you can now use your Licence key to download and activate GaneshBot on another machine.
  • Optional - You can also reset your license key through GaneshBot GUI that is currently using your key. Simply click on your Discord name in the top right corner and select Deactivate to reset the key.



  • Resetting your key will close all of your running instances.
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