How does the card limit work?

In your tasks.csv file, you should see a LIMIT column. If not, feel free to add it yourself. This LIMIT column is used to limit the number of checkouts per card.

How to use the limit feature?

It's simple. Input the number of checkouts you want in the column. The limit will be active for all the tasks with this number. Be careful, if you are running 10 tasks with the same profile and you want 2 checkouts with this profile, you will have to write 2 into LIMIT column for ALL THESE 10 TASKS. 


The limit does NOT communicate between instances.


GaneshBot will stop tasks with selected card after (number) checkouts

  • Write number into LIMIT if you want to use this feature for selected card.

  • You can leave it blank if you don't want to use this feature.


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