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Where to download and how to install GaneshBot?

Downloading GaneshBot

You can download GaneshBot via this link. If it doesn't work when clicking, right click on the link and hit "Save link as..." and it will download the .exe installer.


Installing GaneshBot

Once the file is downloaded, you're ready to install GaneshBot:

  1. Simply run it as if you wanted to install any other program - the installation process will start and you will be presented with GaneshBot Installation Wizard.
  2. You will be prompted to enter your key. Enter your GaneshBot key and click "Activate" to complete the installation. Make sure the key is not activated on any other device - go to your Dashboard and reset the key if needed.


  3. Once the installation is completed, the GaneshBot GUI module will open automatically. It might take a few minutes to set you up for the first time but please be patient!


  4. During the installation process, three new items will be created on your Desktop:
    1. GaneshBot GUI
    2. GaneshBot CLI
    3. A "GaneshBot" folder (tasks/profiles and proxies for CLI)

  • GaneshBot only supports Windows platforms.
  • Sharing GaneshBot files with people outside of GaneshBot will result in a ban.

  Congratulations! 🥳

You're now ready to setup GaneshBot. To do so, start taking a look at the CLI or GUI category, depending on the version you want to run.

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