Common Errors

Here you will find some common errors you may have when using GaneshBot. Please come back once in a while as this list will be updated on a regular basis. If you're having an issue/bug that you do not see in this list, please open a ticket in the Discord. 


How to fix

Invalid Store The store name is misspelled OR one of the other columns is corrupt and not right
SystemError: unknown opcode
Failed to execute main script
Simply reboot your computer
Invalid Key / Failed to Authorize
  1. Make sure you're using the right key
  2. Double check your server time and make sure it's synced (See
  3. Reset Machine in GaneshBot Dashboard
  4. If still not working, first reboot then reset machine in GaneshBot Dashboard
Captcha Solver White/Blank Screen on GUI Launch CLI as Admin once, and try again on GUI. Should fix it!
Could also be a proxy issue (meaning you have a proxy enabled on your browser or computer. If this is the case, deactivate it)
[Zalando] Dummy Item OOS - Please Change It The dummy item used for precarting is out of stock, please provide one yourself using the "DUMMY PRODUCT" field, as explained in our Zalando guide.
[Zalando] Unable to launch task - You can only run Zalando on your first window. As explained in our Zalando guide, Zalando is a 1 window only store, meaning you can only run Zalando on the first GaneshBot window which you opened.


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